Flash Oral Presentations

Our Reference Title Presenter Section
FO-01 Hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents: preparation and vapor pressure measurements Carin Dietz S
FO-02 Synthesis and assembly of poly(ionic liquid)s-stabilized silver nanoparticles Esther Udabe E
FO-03 Tuning Phosphonium Ionic Liquids with ether chains Rolf Hemplelmann MOD
FO-05 Selective recovery of tungsten from WC-Co hard metal scraps by molten salts electrolysis Xi Xiaoli A
FO-07 Static and Dynamic Properties of [C2MIM][NTf2] Ionic Liquids Nataša Vučemilović-Alagić P
FO-08 Ionic Solvents and Innovative Separation Techniques for Lithium Extraction Abderrazak Masmoudi S
FO-10 Hybrid IL@MOFs Materials for Gas Separation Tiago Ferreira SC
FO-11 Surface Structures of Lithium Salt Solutions in Ionic Liquids Studied by High-resolution RBS/ERDA Kenji Kimura P
FO-12 Mesoscopic Structures in Double-salt Ionic Liquids Adhip Rahman P
FO-13 Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Intermediate Temperature Molten Lithium Fluorosulfonyl
Hajime Matsumoto P
FO-14 Effect of composition and water content on physicochemical properties of choline chloride-boric acid eutectic mixtures Riina Häkkinen P
FO-15 Protic Ionic Liquids in Cellulose-based Iongels: The Structural Effects of Neutral Cosolvents Mohammad Hasani A
FO-16 Thz spectroscopy of Multiple Charged Ionic Liquids Christian Pomelli S
FO-17 Thermal properties and toxicity of the biologically-active ionic liquid [C1C1Im][C1C1PO4] Josefa Salgado P
FO-18 Aqueous Biphasic Systems based on Ionic Liquids: a Molecular Dynamics Study Rachel Schurhammer S
FO-19 Conductivity maxima phenomenon in molten salts and protic ionic liquids: Grotthuss vs Classical conduction Nikhil Aravindakshan MAT
FO-20 Dicyanamide based Ionic Liquids as Hypergolic Fuels Uwe Schaller E
FO-21 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Trifluoromethanesulfonate Revisited: Thermophysical Properties and Gas Solubilities at High Pressures Dirk Turma MAT
FO-22 Stability of [C4MIm]BF4 and reactivity in [C4MIm]BF4 -based reaction systems for the synthesis of elements of groups 15 and 16, and their compounds Monika Knorr P
FO-23 Metallo Supramolecular Hydrogels based on Deep Eutectic Solvents Catarina Florindo MAT
FO-24 Solvatochromic parameters of mixtures of ionic liquids: experimental studies and COSMO-RS prediction Emanuel Capela P

Flash Oral presentation: 7 minutes, discussion by respective poster.