Oral Presentations

Our Reference Title Presenter Section
AO-01 Polymerizable Ionic Liquids as Precursors of Nanoscale Polymeric Structures Adrian Zajac MOD
AO-02 Co-Reduction Behaviour of Dysprosium and Bismuth ions on Tungsten Electrode in Molten LiCl-KCl Eutectic Byung Gi Park E
AO-03 The importance of supramolecular reaction media in catalysis Carla Rizzo SC
AO-04 Material assessment of nickel-base alloys for high temperature molten chloride salt loops using LiCl-KCl as heat carrier Christian Knosalla MAT
AO-06 Monoethanolamine based DESs and their Applications in CO2 Absorption: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations Dina Kussainova MOD
AO-08 Correlated Ion Drift in Lithium Salt-Glyme Mixtures Florian Schmidt S
AO-09 Dual Phase Molten Salt-Ceramic Membranes: Probing the Molten Salt Greg Mutch P
AO-10 Modification of polysaccharide biopolymers in bio-based ionic liquids Lorenzo Guazzelli SC
AO-11 Nanofabrication and Nanostructuration
When Ionic Liquids Meet Applications
Paul-Henri Haumesser MAT
AO-13 Solving the mass transport issues of ionic liquids in CO2 chemical absorption with Encapsulated Ionic Liquids Jesús Lemus S
AO-15 Synthesis of Functional Materials in Molten Salts and Their Application: from Cryogenic to High Temperatures Yuriy Stulov SC
AO-17 Polymerized Ionic Liquid Membranes for Lithium Ion Batteries Robert Löwe MAT
AO-18 Ionic Liquids as Linker-Precursor in MOF-Synthesis Julian Mehler SC
AO-19 Design and properties of thermo-responsive polymers derived from ionic liquids having moderate hydrophobicity Hiroyuki Ohno E
AO-20 Crystallization of mixtures of ionic liquids and water: ordering of H2O Annalisa Paolone P
AO-21 Can Cells Maintain Their Bioactivity in Ionic Liquids? Shinsuke Shigeto SC
AO-22 On the Electrochemical behaviour of Co(II) in [EMI][NTf2] Ionic Liquid Martin Straka MAT
AO-23 Short time Pretreatment of Wood with Low-concentration and Room-temperature of Ionic Liquid for SEM Observation Taiji Yamashita SC
AO-24 Reaction of carbenes in ionic liquids with disulfide-containing organic and bio-molecules Alesia Tietze SC
AO-25 Microencapsulated Ionic Liquid as Active Thermal Material in Heat Transfer Fluids Nerea Uranga MAT
AO-27 Mechanistic Aspects of La-Perovskites Molten Salt Synthesis  Yonatan Yevilevich MOD
AO-28 Ionic liquids-based on imidazolium tetrafluoroborate and hexafluorophosphate for desulfurization of diesel fuel Magdy Zaky P
AO-29 The Ionic Liquid / Vacuum and Ionic Liquid / Solid Interface probed by ARXPS Florian Maier P
AO-30 Ionic-liquid-based acidic aqueous biphasic system: a promising alternative for value recovery from electronic waste  Nicolas Schaeffer S
AO-32 Structural and Capacitive Properties of Graphene-Based Supercapacitors Combined with Ionic Liquid Electrolytes Trinidad Méndez-Morales MOD
AO-35 Effect of some cholinium amino acid ionic liquids on the thermal and the conformational stability of insulin Paula Ossowicz MOD
AO-37 Thermodynamic Properties for Vapor + Liquid Equilibrium States of 1-Hexyl-3-ethylimidazolium Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide Joseph Magee P
AO-39 Role of Molten Salts in Selective Separation of Tocopherol and Tocotrienol from Palm Oil Numan Abdul Hadi SC/P
AO-40 LiF-ThF4 and LiF-UF4 local structure in molten salt reactors: the point of view of EXAFS, NMR and MD at high temperature Catherine Bessada P
AO-41 Use of ionic liquids for polymer degradation chemistry Akio Kamimura MOD
AO-47 Studies of motions and interactions of molecules in ionic liquid electrolytes by nuclear magnetic resonance Pierre Martin P
AO-48 Diffusion Behaviour of Metal Ions at Ionic Liquid/Electrode Interface and Its Effect on Electrodeposits Akihito Imanishi S
AO-49 Structure and dynamics in imidazolium-based protic ionic liquids Iqbaal Abdurrokhman E
AO-50 Thermal stability, decomposition mechanism and maximum operating temperature of imidazolium-based ionic liquids Anastasia Efimova P
AO-51 Choline-based ionic liquids to deliver poorly soluble drugs in topical delivery systems Rita Caparica MOD
AO-52 Multi stabilized Pd-SILCA with nitrogen rich ionic liquids as a recyclable catalyst for Heck reaction Nemanja Vucetic S
AO-55 Electrochemical evaluation of the corrosion performance of carbon and stainless steel in molten salts and high temperatures Fabiola Pineda P
AO-56 Physicochemical Properties of Fluorinated Anion based Ionic Liquids: Comparison between protic and aprotic Ionic Liquids Ramesh Gardas P
AO-58 ILs at the Mirror: Isoelectronic, Charge-reversed Ions and Symmetrical Salts José Nuno Canongia Lopes MAT
AO-59 Deep Eutectic Solvents: Similia Similibus Solvuntur? Stefan Zahn P
AO-60 Ionic Liquid – Water Mixtures: A Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study Claudia Kolbeck P
AO-61 Scandium Electrodeposition on Aluminum cathodes in the ionic liquid BMPTFSI Dimitrios Panias P
AO-62 Switchable Aqueous Biphasic Systems formed by Ionic Liquids and their Potential as Integrated Production-Separation Platforms Mara Freire S
AO-63 Hydrogen-bond rearrangement in imidazolium based Ionic Liquid – water mixtures Cettina Bottari E
AO-66 New and efficient separators based on ionic liquid/poly(vinylidene fluoride) for lithium-ion battery applications Carlos Costa P
AO-67 Ion Solvation in ionic liquids for rare earth elements recycling Guillaume Mériguet S
AO-72 Structural and Thermodynamic features of Transition Metal Ions in Room Temperature Ionic liquids (RTILs) Andrea Melchior P
AO-74 Hydrophilic Bistriflimide-based Ionic Liquids José Esperança P
AO-75 Ionosilicas as tailor-made anion exchange materials Peter Hesemann MAT
AO-76 Ionic Liquids as efficient and reusable catalysts for phenylselenoetherification of alkenols Emilia Tojo SC
AO-79 Heterogeneity and microstructure of ionic liquids studied by EPR Mikhail Ivanov MAT/A
AO-80 Anisotropic Diffusion of Pyrrolidinium Cations in PYR14TFSI-PEO-LiTFSI Ternary Systems: Insights from 1H Microimaging NMR and Molecular Dynamics Andrea Mele P
AO-82 Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Secondary Sources: A Purpose for the Future João Paulo Leal S
AO-83 Ionic Liquid amphiphiles: Spontaneous multilayering in Langmuir films of ionic liquids at the air-water interface Eduardo Filipe MAT
AO-84 IoNanofluids for Thermal Management Systems-Prospects and Challenges Sohel Murshed MAT
AO-85 Determination of refractive index of ionic liquids and their mixtures with ammonia using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer Ronny Rives P
AO-90 New quasi-solid electrolytes based in Ionic Liquids Oscar Cabeza MAT
AO-91 Avoiding coion trapping in nanoporous supercapacitors Christian Holm MAT
Protic ionic liquids inside nanopores: self-assembly and decoupled proton motion Anna Martinelli P
AO-97 Combining experimental and theoretical approaches of molten salt chemistry for aluminium production Kelly Machado MOD
AP-01 IoBiofluids – From Forest Waste to Heat Transfer Applications Carla Queirós A
AP-02 Regulatory Challenges of Molten Salt Reactor Designs Craig Holvey A
AP-03 Electrochemical Separation and Extraction of Tungsten and Cobalt from Cemented Carbide Scrap in NaF–KF Molten Salts Xi Xiao Li A
AP-04 Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Svetlana Cadu A
AP-05 Carbonate Based Ionic Liquid Synthesis (CBILS®): Scale Up of Ultra-Pure Ionic Liquids to the Ton Scale Markus Damm A
AP-06 Design and Applications of Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents Dannie J.G.P. van Osch A


Applications of ionic liquids “out of the box” Luís Branco A
AP-08 Development and Optimization of Biomass Conversion Technologies based on Biocompatible Ionic Liquids Blake A. Simmons A

Oral contribution: 12 minutes + 3 minutes discussion.