Poster Presentations

Posters must be delivered at the registration desk during Monday 9, until lunch time. They will be mounted by the organization and available to all the participants in the Exhibition room (Hall, level 1, near Pequeno Auditorio) Tuesday 10, in the morning. They must be taken off at the end of the conference. During the poster session (Thursday 11), the poster authors must be in the room (except when giving the Flash Orals), available for discussions.
The poster format has to be 700 mm wide x 900 mm height.

Applications Emerging technologies, scaling-up and commercial exploitation of novel processes with low melting salts
FO-05 Selective recovery of tungsten from WC-Co hard metal scraps by molten salts electrolysis Xi Xiaoli
FO-15 Protic Ionic Liquids in Cellulose-based Iongels: The Structural Effects of Neutral Cosolvents Mohammad Hasani
PP-062 Task-specific hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents: a new approach for water treatment Catarina Florindo
PP-119 Applicability of ionic liquids as functional ingredients in lipidic implants Rita Caparica
PP-121 Ionic Liquids as Functional Materials for Energy Luís Branco
PP-151 Investigations of Starch Based Bio-Plastics Tariq Abolibda
Electrochemistry Electrodes and electrolytes. Surface charge transfer
FO-02 Synthesis and assembly of poly(ionic liquid)s-stabilized silver nanoparticles Esther Udabe
FO-20 Dicyanamide based Ionic Liquids as Hypergolic Fuels Uwe Schaller
PP-018 Ionic liquid/electroactive polymer composites for sensors and actuators applications Carlos Costa
PP-031 Menthol-based Deep-Eutectic Solvent for Electrochemical Applications Mireille Turmine
PP-032 Electrochemical Behavior of SmF3 in Alkali Chloride Melts Yurij Stulov
PP-033 Novel ionic liquid-based cross-linking agents for the proton-conductive membranes with decreased fluorine content Peter Schulz
PP-036 Beneficial influence of ionic liquid electrolytes on long-term operation of electrochemical gas sensors Vasko Jovanovski
PP-070 In situ XPS Investigations of Ionic Liquids in an Electrochemical Cell Sunghwan Shin
PP-114 Aluminum Metal Rechargeable Battery with Chloroaluminate Liquid Salts Tetsuya Tsuda
PP-130 In situ spectroelectrochemical studies of the electrical double layer at the ionic liquid|electrode interface Thorben Sieling
PP-133 The effect of anion on the liquid structure of graphene electrode – ionic liquid interface Seiji Tsuzuki
PP-137 In-situ Spectroscopic Observation of Co Electrodeposition in an Ionic Liquid Correlated with Interfacial Restructuring Kenta Motobayashi
PP-147 A symmetrical ionic liquid/Li salt system for rapid ion transport and stable lithium electrochemistry Danah AL-Masri
Materials Fundamentals, preparation and applications of low melting salt nanosystems
FO-19 Conductivity maxima phenomenon in molten salts and protic ionic liquids: Grotthuss vs Classical conduction Nikhil Aravindakshan
FO-21 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Trifluoromethanesulfonate Revisited: Thermophysical Properties and Gas Solubilities at High Pressures Dirk Turma
FO-23 Metallo Supramolecular Hydrogels based on Deep Eutectic Solvents Catarina Florindo
PP-020 Physical properties of imidazolium based ionic liquids with graphene Luis Varela
PP-058 Ionogels: Multifaced Materials Francesca D’Anna
PP-074 Biomorphic materials starting from metal based ionic liquids Elena Husanu
PP-086 Development of stable ionic liquids-polymer nanoparticle hybrid systems to deliver poorly soluble drugs Ana Júlio
PP-096 Structure-Property Correlation in Nafion/Protic Ionic Liquid Membranes Olesia Danyliv
PP-115 Ionic Liquids as Linker-Precursor in MOF-Synthesis Peter Schulz
PP-140 Application of polymerizable ionic liquids for electron beam patterning of microstructures Krzysztof Rola
Modelling Modelling of properties and processes in molten salts and ionic liquids
FO-03 Tuning Phosphonium Ionic Liquids with ether chains Rolf Hemplelmann
PP-006 Study of the Electron Transfer in the MgTiF6+ 12 MgCl2 Molten System by Frontier Molecular Orbital Method: Analysis of the Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbitals Sergey Kuznetsov
PP-038 Long-range Electrostatic Screening Effects in Concentrated Electrolytes and Ionic Liquids Christian Holm
PP-040 Interactions between ionic liquids and DPPC monolayers Luís Martins
PP-052 Interaction Between Ionic Liquids and Cationic Surfactants at the Water-Air Interface Karina Shimizu
PP-053 Transport and Li+ coordination in lithium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide – glyme solvate ionic liquids from molecular dynamics simulations Andreas Thum
PP-067 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Protein Refolding in Deep Eutectic Solvents Dina Kussainova
PP-091 Structural Patterns in Nanoconfined Ionic Liquid Mixtures: Tunning the Electrolyte-Electrode Interface Hadrián Montes
PP-118 Are the Classical and Nanofluids-based Models Capable of Predicting the Thermal Conductivity of Ionanofluids? Sohel Murhed
PP-128 Study of Wetting Behavior of Imidazolium Based Ionic Liquids on graphite surface Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations Sanchari Bhattacharjee
Properties Assessment of physicochemical and biological properties of ionic liquids, molten salts and deep eutectic solvents
FO-07 Static and Dynamic Properties of [C2MIM][NTf2] Ionic Liquids Nataša Vučemilović-Alagić
FO-11 Surface Structures of Lithium Salt Solutions in Ionic Liquids Studied by High-resolution RBS/ERDA Kenji Kimura
FO-12 Mesoscopic Structures in Double-salt Ionic Liquids Adhip Rahman
FO-13 Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Intermediate Temperature Molten Lithium Fluorosulfonyl(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amide Hajime Matsumoto
FO-14 Effect of composition and water content on physicochemical properties of choline chloride-boric acid eutectic mixtures Riina Häkkinen
FO-17 Thermal properties and toxicity of the biologically-active ionic liquid [C1C1Im][C1C1PO4] Josefa Salgado
FO-22 Stability of [C4MIm]BF4 and reactivity in [C4MIm]BF4 -based reaction systems for the synthesis of elements of groups 15 and 16, and their compounds Monika Knorr
FO-24 Solvatochromic parameters of mixtures of ionic liquids: experimental studies and COSMO-RS prediction Emanuel Capela
PP-001 Ionic Liquid-cobalt complexes: a thermochromic interaction Floriana Billeci
PP-003 Thermodynamics of aqueous solutions of [BMPYR]-based ILs: Tetraflate, triflate and dicyanamide counterions Marketa Havlová
PP-009 Mechanical properties measurement of the nanoscale ionic liquid by using atomic force microscope Manhee Lee
PP-010 Electrochemical And Physicochemical Properties of New Mixtures of Ionic Liquids Olga Stolarska
PP-012 Ionic Liquids with High Li-Salt Concentrations: Comparison of Ion Dynamics in Pyr14TFSAM and Pyr14TFSA Pinchas Nürnberg
PP-013 Termogravimetric Analysis of the Ethylammonium Formiate and Diethylammonium Formiate Eliseo Amado
PP-014 Thermogravimetric Analysis of Diethylammonium Acetate Eliseo Amado
PP-016 Neutron Scattering as a Tool to Investigate Microscopic Properties of Ionic Liquids María Dolores Ruiz-Martin
PP-017 Mixtures of Ionic Liquids at Moderately High Temperatures Natalia Plechkova
PP-021 Adsorption and Viscoelastic Behaviour of Ionic Liquid Surfactants on Gold Surfaces Mohammad Tariq
PP-026 Two-Phase Systems Composed of Ionic Liquids Mara Freire
PP-028 Switching Solution Properties using Photochromic Ionic Liquids Mário Soromenho
PP-039 Thermophysical properties of mixtures involving asphaltenes and ionic liquids Lucas Celia-Silva
PP-041 Ionic liquids as additives to battery electrolites: interactions between oligoethers and ionic liquids Gonçalo Silva
PP-042 Probing the Structure of Ionic Liquids and Ionic Liquid Crystals with 129Xe NMR and Molecular Dynamics Pedro Morgado
PP-043 Absorption and desorption of SO2 in diamine-based molten salts & polymer resin Hyunjoo Lee
PP-045 Increasing the Tail of Perfluoro-sulfonate Anions: Trends in Vaporization Properties Ana Lobo Ferreira
PP-046 Strengthening the Fluorinated Arms of Bistriflimide-derived Anions: Vaporization Studies Ana Lobo Ferreira
PP-051 Absorption of Water by an Ionic Liquid: enlighten the process João Paulo Leal
PP-059 The discovery of novel hydrophobic DES in H2O emulsions Dannie van Osch
PP-063 Surface Composition of Ionic Liquid Mixtures with Functionalized and Non-Functionalized Imidazolium Cations Bettina Heller
PP-064 Transport properties and ionicity models of protic and aprotic tetramethyl-guanidinium ionic liquids Rolf Hemplelmann
PP-066 Thermal behaviour of mixtures of 1-alkylpyridinium halides with and without a common ion Marcin Smiglak
PP-068 Enhanced solubilization of hydrophobic drugs using ionic liquids as hydrotropes João Coutinho
PP-076 New Molecular Beam Set-up to Study Dynamics at Ionic Liquids Surfaces Radha G. Bhuin
PP-087 Ionic conductivity in ionic liquid-polymer membranes Khalid Elamin
PP-088 Halogen-Bonds versus Hydrogen-Bonds in Ionic Liquids Luís Paulo Rebelo
PP-089 Clathrate Hydrates Inhibition using Ionic Liquids Mohammad Tariq
PP-095 Thermal response of ionic liquid-salt mixtures for smart electrochemical devices María Villanueva
PP-098 Ionic liquids for Extractive Desulfurization in simulated fuels containing thiophene derivatives: An experimental and computational approach Rabi Narayan Patra
PP-099 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy: A Useful Investigation Tool for Ionic Liquid Mixtures Andrea Mele
PP-102 Water Shuttling Mechanisms in Water-in-Salt Electrolytes Zhujie Li
PP-105 A navigation system for latent heat storage: CalPhaD methods for PCM screening Martin Wels
PP-108 Solubility of H2S in Ammonium-based Ionic Liquids José Sousa
PP-113 Solvent Properties and Self-Diffusion Coefficients of Hydroxyl-Imidazolium Ionic Liquids Daniel Salavera
PP-120 Excimer formation of 1,3-bis-(1-pyrenyl)propane within an ionic liquid and cosolvent-modified ionic liquid mixtures Anita Yadav
PP-124 Fluorescence Quenching within Lithium Salt-Added Ionic Liquid Media Anu Kadyan
PP-136 Structural and thermal nature of α and β-relaxation processes of aliphatic ionic liquids Thamires Lima
PP-142 Electrical conductivity of eight pure EMIN and BMIN ionic liquids Xavier Paredes
PP-145 Interplay of Aggregation Behavior of Cholinium based Ionic Liquids with SDS Surfactant Imran Khan
PP-146 Preparation, characterization and study of the stability of ionanofluids Oscar Cabeza
PP-148 Thermodynamic properties of local anaesthetic/capsaicin-based ionic liquids Veronica Couto
PP-150 Wetting Properties of Molten Fluoride Salts: Initial Experiments Alexandra Delmore
Separations Novel separation strategies based on ionic melts, including extraction, recovery and recycling
FO-01 Hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents: preparation and vapor pressure measurements Carin Dietz
FO-08 Ionic Solvents and Innovative Separation Techniques for Lithium Extraction Abderrazak Masmoudi
FO-16 Thz spectroscopy of Multiple Charged Ionic Liquids Christian Pomelli
FO-18 Aqueous Biphasic Systems based on Ionic Liquids: a Molecular Dynamics Study Rachel Schurhammer
PP-004 Electrodeposition of Palladium from 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride Ionic Liquid Ik-Soo KIM​
PP-007 Self-Strengthening, Load-Bearing Ionic Liquid Gels for Environmental Remediation Salvatore Marullo
PP-008 Efficient purification of halide-based ionic liquids by means of improved apparatus for continuous liquid-liquid extraction Milen Bogdanov
PP-015 Aqueous Biphasic Systems Comprising of Amino Acid based Ionic Liquids for the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds Anusha Basaiah
PP-023 Designing the Phase’s Densities of Aqueous Biphasic Systems Composed of Ionic Liquids to Act as Adequate Concentration Platforms José Esperança
PP-024 One-step separation of aromatic and aliphatic amino acids using aqueous biphasic systems Emanuel Capela
PP-037 Fractionation of nut shells with ionic liquids Carla Queirós
PP-048 Influence of Anion and Cation of ILs on their Performance in Extraction of Butyric Acid Stefan Schlosser
PP-054 Denitrogenation and desulfurization of fuels by Ionic Liquids Manshuk Tursynbekova
PP-060 A surfactant based deep eutectic solvent for the production of stable DES in H2O emulsions Dannie van Osch
PP-061 Towards a clean fuel: Concurrent removal of sulfur and nitrogen compounds using deep eutectic solvents Filipa Lima
PP-065 Using Encapsulated Ionic Liquids to avoid the kinetic limitations of Ionic Liquids in CO2 Physical Absorption Jesús Lemus
PP-069 The formation mechanism of ionic-liquid-based aqueous multiphase systems Helena Passos
PP-073 Development of new thermoreversible aqueous biphasic systems composed of hydrophilic zwitterions João Coutinho
PP-081 Electro-Assisted Self-Assembly of Ionic Liquid-Templated Mesoporous Silica Szilvia Vavra
PP-092 Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture and Utilisation Svetlana Cadu
PP-093 Ionic Liquids for Recovery of Rare Earths Svetlana Cadu
PP-100 Oxidative Dissolution of Antimony in Trichloride Ionic Liquids Xiaohua Li
PP-112 Ionic liquid melts for platinum recovery from spent PEMFCs Sophie Legeai
PP-134 Non-aqueous Solvent Extraction of Platinum Group Metals using Undiluted Ionic Liquids Viet Tu Nguyen
PP-139 Recovery of zinc and chromium aqueous solutions using ionic liquids Abel Ferreira
PP-141 Ionic liquid anchored resin for the mutual separation of trivalent actinides and lanthanides from dilute nitric acid medium Dasthaiah Keshapolla
PP-149 Phosphonium Based Ionic Liquids: A Promising Solvent For Extractive Desulfurization of Liquid Fuels Swapnil Dharaskar
Synthesis and Catalysis Sustainable synthesis and catalysis in and of (supported) ionic liquids and molten salts, including polymerization
FO-10 Hybrid IL@MOFs Materials for Gas Separation Tiago Ferreira
PP-002 Ion exchange in continuous-flow system as an improved and efficient method for synthesis of ionic liquids Anna Pawlowska-Zygarowicz
PP-005 Pyridinium Ionic Liquids Incorporating Disulfide Bond Sathoshi Kitaoka
PP-022 Development of polymeric ionic liquid membranes for CO2 separation Vassilios Dracopoulos
PP-029 New Prolinol-Based Ionic Liquids as Surfactants Emilia Tojo
PP-035 Development of Deep Eutectic Solvents for the Dissolution and Regeneration of Cellulose Greta Colombo Dugoni
PP-044 Chiral protic and aprotic ionic liquids – preparation, characterization and their use in the organic synthesis and catalysis Ewa Janus
PP-049 Synthesis, ecotoxicological studies and bioactivity evaluation of ionic compounds based on tolperisone, diphenhydramine and trimecaine Saule Mergenbayeva
PP-055 Monitoring Biomass Conversation 5-HMF in Ionic Liquid by Capillary Electrophoresis Mihkel Koel
PP-056 Cyclic carbonate synthesis: how does the structure of Dicationic Ionic Liquids (DILs) affect the catalytic activity? Andrea Mezzetta
PP-057 New unsaturated nitrogen cation-based ionic liquids – synthesis and characterization Andrea Szpecht
PP-071 Corrosion of Copper, Silver, and Gold by Trihalide Ionic Liquids Benjamin May
PP-082 Al-Sc Alloy Formation in NaF-ScF3 melts: a first insight from in-situ High Temperature NMR, Thermal analysis measurements and Molecular Dynamics calculations Aydar Rakhmatullin
PP-125 Reactions of carbenes from the neat ionic liquid with disulfide-containing organic compounds and peptides Daniel Tietze
PP-127 Effect of Anionic Structure of Ionic Liquids on Thermal Cyclization of Chromene Derivatives with Polar Substituents Kaoru Nobuoka