• Plenary Lectures (35 min)
  • Invited Lectures (25 min)
  • Oral Presentations (15 min)
  • Flash Orals – From selected poster presentations (7 min). Corresponding poster will be presented in the poster session
  • Poster Presentations
    • The 2 best posters (selected by an Award Committee) will be granted a year online subscription to the journal and a signed presentation certificate – sponsored by Green Chemistry (RSC)
  • Industrial Discussion Session – And From Now On? Perspectives and Challenges in Molten Salts and Ionic Liquids Industries

Presentations were classified in the following sections:

Applications Emerging technologies, scaling-up and commercial exploitation of novel processes with low melting salts A
Electrochemistry Electrodes and electrolytes. Surface charge transfer E
Materials Fundamentals, preparation and applications of low melting salt nanosystems Mat
Modelling Modelling of properties and processes in molten salts and ionic liquids Mod
Properties Assessment of physicochemical and biological properties of ionic liquids, molten salts and deep eutectic solvents P
Separations Novel separation strategies based on ionic melts, including extraction, recovery and recycling S
Synthesis and Catalysis Sustainable synthesis and catalysis in and of (supported) ionic liquids and molten salts, including polymerization SC