EuCheMSIL 2018 will address scientists from all over the world in the areas of molten salts and ionic liquids, covering aspects ranging from fundamental science to application driven and applied research in ionic media over a large temperature range.

The most crucial issues, that is, those that are essential for an in-depth understanding of the general physicochemical properties of these liquids, will be targeted.

The conference covers areas of structural and dynamic studies, electrochemical behaviour and parameters, interfacial, optical and thermophysical properties, phase equilibria and theoretical and modelling studies on these ionic media. Toxicity and materials compatibility will pave the way for many future applications. Attention will be given particularly to experimental methods for property determination and applications and technologies for environmental/industrial use of liquid ionic systems, including heat and mass transfer problems. Nanofluids based on molten salts and ionic liquids (IoNanofluids) are also welcome.

Related industries will be invited to participate in the conference for potential discussions and collaborations.